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  • 4 Aroma quemicals
  • 3 Biomass Fuel

Welcome to Al Pa Ca SA

We proudly are the largest essential oil distilling company in Paraguay that manufactures GUAIAC, CABREUVA, PETIT GRAIN & VETIVER in its different versions and qualities. Alpaca S.A. industrial facilities are located in a small town called Jejui, San Pedro, about 250 kilometers north of the capital city of Paraguay, Asuncion. It was founded in 1998 by Mr. David Janz.

Our company was initially specialized in the extraction of essential oils from wood such as Cabreuva and Guaiac. After this successful market introduction we saw the need to add another Paraguayan native oil, Petit Grain.

Social Responsibility

As part of our commitment to the community, we work with over 200 rural families. An opportunity is offered to any family who desires to receive basic financial education and to apply these concepts in their own fields by planting species that are later purchased by our company as raw material for distillation. This program includes financial, technical and permanent "on site" assistance.

Children of these families are rewarded for their academic excellence. Sport events for schools in the Jejui - San Pedro area are also sponsored and organized by ALPACA S.A. We believe in strong moral values and are not afraid to share them. Poverty can be reduced, it is not our job, but we like to believe that "teaching to fish" is better than "handing out free fish".