Our Company


ALPACASA was founded in 1998 by Mr. David Janz. In the beginning our company was involved only in sawn timber products such as veneer, plywood and flooring wood for parquet manufacturing.

Since 2003 we have specialized in the extraction of essential oils from wood chips, obtained through steam distillation.

From mid 2007 and continuing with our constant improving strategy we introduced a rectification column, vacuum dehydration mixer, esterification reactor, and a QC lab equipped with GC analysis. Recently (2008) we started the distillation of other oils such as Lemmon Grass, Petit Grain, from local farmer fields and Vetiver from our own farm.


To become leaders in the provision of Paraguayan essential oils, offering ALPACA S.A's traditional standardized quality, truthful analytical results and expedite shipping.


To create a permanent source of financial benifits, for the company employees, local farmers and ALPACASA's shareholders.


We plant aromatic herbs, distil & rectify them into essential oils for the fragrance industry. We apply technology and results gathered from our own research and development fields.


The true need of the human race is to understand that JESUS CHRIST came to redeem us so we can be by his side in eternity. This life transforming experience and its consequent prosperity will be for the Glory of God.


We are confident to say that we are the only company in Paraguay that manufactures all four traditional crops for essential oils such as Guaiac, Cabreuva, Petit Grain, Vetiver, in its different versions and qualities. Please ask you current supplier.


Being committed to the local environmental sustainability we use only previously industrialized timber by-products for essential oil extraction. At no time of our production cycle are unethical practices used such as tree cutting for the sole purpose of its essential oil extraction.

We comply with all national environmental forestry, industrial and safety regulations. Guaranteeing our friends and clients a responsible and competitive source of GUAIAC, CABREUVA, PETIT GRAIN, VETIVER OILS AND DERIVATIVES.


Alpacasa's industrial facilities are located in a small town called Jejui, Department of San Pedro, about 225 kilometres north of the capital from Paraguay, Asunción.